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Technology That Can Enhance Your Experience

Our technology is always evolving, and at Cypress Optique, we realize the importance of enhancing your experience with modern techniques and equipment. When you visit us, you can expect comprehensive vision care that utilizes diagnostic, dry eye, and contact lens fitting technology.

Our dry eye treatment technology includes OptiLIGHT by Lumenis, and we can capture the details of your eyes through OCT (optical coherence tomography) and visual field testing. 

Your eye care experience should be informative and productive, and our passionate team at Cypress Optique is committed to providing just that. Contact us to schedule your appointment and experience the benefits of our technology.

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Technology for All Ages

Our technology is present throughout all stages of treatment at Cypress Optique. Whether you need help managing dry eyes, your children need help with myopia control, or you need assistance with eye disease management for issues like glaucoma, we have the technology to support your well-being.

With our technology, Dr. Ferreira can help prepare personalized treatment plans based on your unique vision needs.

Explore Our Dry Eye Technology

Educating and helping our patients navigate dry eye is a big part of what we do at Cypress Optique. We know that dry eye can be challenging to manage, and through our dedication to dry eye care, we’ve been able to add technology that can make a difference.

Our dry eye technology includes treatment methods like OptiLIGHT by Lumenis and diagnostic tools such as meibography and corneal sensitivity testing.

OptiLIGHT by Lumenis

OptiLIGHT by Lumenis is a light-based, noninvasive treatment done in the area below the eyes to manage dry eye. The first and only IPL FDA-approved for dry eye management.

The treatment is safe, gentle, and is backed by more than 20 clinical studies.

OptiLIGHT uses precise pulses of light to reduce the inflammation that is typically associated with dry eye disease, improve tear break-up time, and increase meibomian gland functionality.

Learn More About OptiLight

Meibography is an imaging technique used during your dry eye assessment to visualize and analyze the structure and function of the meibomian glands in your eyelids. Meibomian glands are responsible for producing the oily layer of your tear film, which helps keep your eyes moist and comfortable.

Meibographical images can help us diagnose conditions such as meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) and dry eye disease.

OptiPLUS is an FDA-cleared radiofrequency (RF) device for dry eye relief. With its dual-frequency RF technology, OptiPLUS can target the root cause of dry eye disease and help provide effective symptom improvement.

RF treatment can be a safe and efficient option for alleviating the discomfort of dry eyes, especially in cases of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). By delivering heat across different tissue layers, OptiPLUS can increase blood circulation and promote both tear function and aesthetic benefits.

Corneal sensitivity testing helps our team understand the extent of corneal damage caused by dry eye disease and the severity of the condition. By measuring the response of your cornea to various stimuli, such as touch or temperature, corneal sensitivity testing can provide valuable insights into the health of your eye’s surface.

We can use corneal sensitivity testing to give us more information about how dry eye may be affecting your eyes.

Comprehensive Care With the Help of Topcon Technology

The Topcon CA-800 Topographer, Topcon Maestro OCT, and Optomap Imaging are cutting-edge technologies that revolutionize eye care.

By providing detailed corneal mapping and comprehensive retina images, these technologies allow us the opportunity to detect concerns early and address them with personalized strategies.

From personalized contact lens fittings to early eye disease diagnosis and patient-friendly eye exams, they help us prioritize visual health and comfort—no matter your needs.

Topcon CA-800 Topographer

The Topcon CA-800 Topographer is a sophisticated device designed to map the surface of your cornea, the clear outer layer of your eye. By generating detailed images and measurements, this technology helps eye care professionals diagnose and manage conditions like astigmatism, keratoconus, and other corneal irregularities.

Its mapping capabilities support our ability to offer personalized contact lens fittings with accuracy, prioritizing your comfort and visual clarity.

The Topcon Maestro OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) is an imaging system that provides eye doctors with cross-sectional views of the retina, the light-sensitive layer at the back of your eye.

This non-invasive technique is crucial for early detection and management of glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy.

By allowing us to address these issues early, the Maestro OCT plays a pivotal role in preserving vision and managing the progression of these conditions.

Optomap Imaging is a breakthrough technology that captures ultra-widefield, high-resolution retina images, providing a comprehensive view of the back of the eye.

This helps us detect and monitor various eye conditions, including retinal tears, detachments, and systemic diseases that manifest in the eye, like diabetes and hypertension.

Optomap Imaging also typically does not require dilation, making it an incredibly patient-friendly option for thorough retinal examinations.

Technology for Contact Lens Fittings

A contact lens fitting is a crucial aspect of getting new contact lenses. We want to help make sure that your new contact lenses fit comfortably and safely. 

During the fitting process, we use corneal topography to map the surface of your eye and precisely determine what type of contact lenses are right for you. The topography scan shows any distortions in the cornea to give us more information on what your needs may be.

Managing Eye Disease Through Technology

Dr. Ferreira and the rest of the team at Cypress Optique know the importance of early detection and treatment for eye diseases. During your eye exam, we can work through different diagnostic tests depending on your needs. 

When we get a clearer picture of your eyes and vision, we can then begin work on a personalized treatment plan to help preserve your vision.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) produces high-resolution, cross-sectional images of the eye. This noninvasive test can use light waves to produce detailed images of your retina, optic nerve, and other structures in your eye, helping Dr. Ferreira diagnose, manage, and treat various eye diseases, such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and diabetic eye disease.

The iCare tonometer is a diagnostic tool used during our eye exams to measure intraocular pressure (IOP). Unlike some other traditional tonometry methods, the iCare tonometer can offer quick and easy IOP measurements without the need for anesthesia or puffs of air.

The iCare tonometer is featured in our glaucoma exams.

Virtual reality visual field testing is a diagnostic technique we use during our eye exams to detect and monitor peripheral vision loss. Through the use of virtual reality technology, patients can undergo visual field testing comfortably and conveniently.

Virtual reality visual field testing is a valuable tool for the diagnosis and management of various eye conditions, such as glaucoma.

Your Eye Health Comes First

We always hope to provide a more personalized experience for our patients. Our team wants to share our passion and expertise, and through our technology, we’re able to reach new heights of personal eye care.

Ultimately, your patient experience is what matters most, and we strive to help our patients see and feel their best. Contact us to schedule your appointment today and see how our technology can help support your well-being.

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